Re-birthing plastic into Art

All our bags have been totally handwoven with great care and dedication. We only use hard resistant recycled plastic, so your beautiful Mexican Bag can last for many years.

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Basket, Tote or Handbag?

  • One of a kind

    Combining more than 18 colors and 27 weaving patterns, each bag in our store is unique, making it a jewel for whoever wears it.

  • For the years to come

    Our bags are made with high-quality plastic, which has been reused and transformed into a bag that can accompany you for many more years.

  • Multi Purposeful

    Use your bag to go to the park, to the beach, to the pool, to store your groceries, to the soccer game, to store your fabric or cushions in your house, or to add a different style to your outfit, whatever use it may have it will always be for you.