Concert at the Park

Concert at the Park

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was Father's Day, and we decided to celebrate by heading downtown to enjoy a performance by the Austin Symphony Orchestra at the park.

Every early summer, the Austin Symphony plays at the park on Sunday evenings. Yesterday was their final performance of the season, so our timing was perfect.

We brought towels, sodas, wine, sandwiches, and our dog Bonita. During the concert, I asked one of my daughters to take some videos for a reel I wanted to post on Instagram. She asked, "Why do you always show the same Meximexi?" Well, even though I have several Meximexi bags, I always reach for the pastel-colored one in the summer. But really, it’s not just about the bag; it’s about having fun!

Here’s a photo from our day. If you have Instagram or TikTok, you can check out how the orchestra sounds.



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