No passport required, Let a piece of Mexico come to you.

Authentic Handwoven Bags, crafted one by one with great care and love.

Woven with Intention

Our artisan-crafted gems bring the style, the swag, and the durability you didn't know you needed.

100% Handmade out of Recycled Plastic by Mexican Hands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the bags durable enough for heavy items?

Yes, All our bags are super sturdy:

  1. The handles are an integral part of the bag's construction, enabling it to support heavy weights.
  2. We use robust recycled plastic, tightly woven to eliminate any gaps in the bag.
  3. The bag is woven around a square-shaped wooden frame, providing a completely flat base that allows for easy support of all your belongings

How eco-friendly are the handmade plastic totes?

We're on a green mission! Our totes are crafted from premium recycled plastic, making a positive impact on reducing plastic waste. What's more, they're designed for the long haul – use them time and again, cultivating a thoughtful approach to consumption!

Can I find similar totes locally, or are they exclusive to Mexico?

Our bags are exclusively crafted by skilled Mexican hands. You won't find these unique pieces anywhere else in the world. Over the past decade, we've formed partnerships with exceptional artisan families known for their precision, strength, vision, creativity, and their beautiful use of colors and patterns. There's no need to travel; let the essence of Mexico come to you through these handmade bags.

Why is there limited availability of identical bags in your collection?

At MexiMexi, we celebrate the unique charm of each handmade bag. When combining over 30 colors and countless patterns, the result is truly extraordinary. While we could replicate identical bags, our artisans take immense joy in the creative process, constantly innovating to craft something new and special each time.

How long does it take to craft each Tote Bag individually?

Each Tote Bag requires approximately 4-6 hours of meticulous handweaving to achieve completion. When we combine different materials like plastic with leather or with fabric, it could take u to 3 days to finish one bag.

Do you ship worldwide?

Certainly! Our beautiful bags are meticulously crafted in Mexico, with the heart of our distribution center located in Austin, Texas. From here, we ship to every corner of the world.