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Rainbow Tote bag by MexiMexi

Rainbow Tote bag by MexiMexi

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The Mexican-style Tote bag by MexiMexi is a hand-woven bag crafted with ethnic detail and aesthetic beauty.

Each of our Mexican Bags has a unique design, you will not find another like it, which makes it the perfect gift.

This expansive tote is ideally suited to a variety of purposes, ranging from a Pool Bag to a Beach Bag, Weekend Bag, getaways bag, or Picnic Basket.

Our bags are made with strong recycled plastic, and the handle construction extends down to support the bottom and content weight.


- 100% handmade
- Unique Design
- Made with great care and highly resistant recycled plastic
- Open on top
- 100% Washable


This is a Medium Bag, the approximate measurements are:

Size: 15 x 12 x 8 in  
Weight: 2 lb
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