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Brown & Vanilla Tote bag by MexiMexi

Brown & Vanilla Tote bag by MexiMexi

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The Mexican-style Aqua & Pink Tote bag by MexiMexi is a hand-woven bag crafted with ethnic detail and aesthetic beauty.

Each of our Mexican Bags has a unique design, you will not find another like it, which makes it the perfect gift.

This tote is the ultimate go-to for whatever you need—a Pool Bag, Beach Bag, Weekend Bag, getaways bag, or Picnic Basket!

Our bags are made with strong recycled plastic, and the handle construction extends down to support the bottom and content weigh.

Used Colors: Brown & Vanilla


- 100% handmade
- Unique Design
- Made with great care and highly resistant recycled plastic
- Open on top
- 100% Washable


This is a Large Bag, the approximate measurements are:

- Size: 14 x 13 x 6 in
- Weight: 1 lb. 
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