Plaza Saltillo

Plaza Saltillo

Last weekend, my husband, who plays Flamenco guitar as a hobby (but really really well), invited me to watch him perform in Plaza Saltillo. 

Plaza Saltillo is a train station in downtown Austin, surrounded by Mexican and eclectic shops and restaurants. Even that I have been living in this city for many yeas, it was my first time visiting this area, and I really enjoyed it.

Before my husband's performance, a person was on the stage giving a speech about Mexican rugs, Oaxaca traditions, shamans, Cactus, spirits, emotions.... all these words captured my attention instantly!

His name is Samuel Beautysta, and he is a Zapotec Mexican rug weaver, who travels around the world showcasing his art, his very very Mexican Rugs and spread the word about the Oaxaca culture. He explained how each rug takes around 4-5 months to be finished!. Each pattern has a particular meaning and story.

I love handmade products, I think is amazing how some traditions prevail, and this Mexican one I hope never dies.

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Me encanto ver que tienes tu blog!!!!
Yo por qué no sabia esto


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