Behind MexiMexi

Behind MexiMexi

MexiMexi bags are the most fun, colorful, friendly and reliable Mexican bags.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, each bag is carefully designed and hand-woven.

It takes us around 1 - 2 days (depending of size and pattern) to transform that plastic in a beautiful bag.

There are 3 qualities of plastic, but we only choose the best one so each bag can be extremely resistant, glowing and durable. (Have you notice why some bags shine and some others not?)

Designing a MexiMexi bag is one of our favorites activities, the combination of more than 15 patterns with more than 35 colors, allows to create unique Mexican bags. 

Weaving a MexiMexi bag is similar to knit a scarf, we need our needle, but ours is from wood , we need our yarn , but ours is plastic , and we need to count, knit and stretch.

But above all, each bag is made with love , always imagining the ways , places and people she will meet.



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